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Remote Island of Okinawa -Tsuken Island-


UpdateApril 9, 2019
ReleaseJune 20, 2018

Located only 30 minutes away from the main island of Okinawa by ferry, Tsuken Island is also called “carrot island” because of its brand carrots, “Tsuken Carrot,” which are famous for their high sugar content and is not usually available at market. Carrot fields spread over the island. “Tsuken Ninjin Cider,” available at various places on the island, contains the sweetness of this particular carrot and makes a perfect souvenir.


Time seems to go slowly on this island. Tomai-hama Beach has a beautiful white-sand beach stretching for about 1 km along with an outstanding transparency of the water, as expected of an isolated island, making it a perfect place for enjoying marine activities. As there are not many streetlights on this island, you can enjoy a stadium of stars at night, which can never be seen in cities. Highly recommended!

You can also enjoy this island in a single-day trip from the main island of Okinawa. So, if you wish to relax at some place where there are not many people and readily enjoy an island of Okinawa, Tsuken Island may be a perfect place for you.

Access: 30 min by ferry or 15 min by high-speed boat from Heshikiya Port, Uruma City, Okinawa
*A total of 5 round-trips, by either ferry or high-speed boat, offered every day.


*The information herein is as of June 2018.