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The 16th Ink Cover Photo Contest Results


UpdateJune 10, 2019
ReleaseJune 10, 2019

The Best Performance Prize


Taken by Riho Manda (Japan)
Place: Hibiya Park (Tokyo)
Date: April 24, 2019
Comment: I took a picture of beautiful, fresh green leaves in Hibiya Park.

This photo of Hibiya Park full of greenery shows another aspect of Tokyo. We feel the photographer’s hope to show the variety of charms and seasonal beauty of Tokyo to people overseas. The balance of a bridge, a pond and the sturdy-looking shape of the trees is good and aomomiji (fresh green leaves) also offers a refreshing atmosphere.

The Outstanding Performance Prizes

Title: Suizenji Jojuen

Taken by Wong Loy Kan (Singapore)
Place: Suizenji Jojuen Suizenji Park (Kumamoto Pref.)
Date:December, 2017
Comment: Suizenji Jojuen is more than your usual Japanese garden, it’s also a miniature reproduction of Tokaido 53 post stations that even include Mount Fuji!

Title: Wedding on the Ayatori Bridge

Taken by LI MAN HO (Hong Kong)
Place: Kakusenkei Gorges in Yamanaka Onsen (Ishikawa Pref.)
Date: November, 2018
Comment: We ourselves originally aimed to be featured, but the result is all things, including autumn foliage, a valley, and an iron bridge, became central players.

We are looking for new entries for the next issue!