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2019 Famous illumination in Japan


ReleaseDecember 24, 2019

The illumination in the clear air in December is exceptional. This time, we will introduce the illumination which you can see outside of Tokyo. The “Illumination Awards 2019” was announced on November 6, and we have special events nominated too.
(Host: (General Incorporated Association) Night View Convention Bureau http://yakei-cvb.or.jp

(You can check illumination in Tokyo from here: Famous illumination in Tokyo Yomiuriland)

FeStA LuCe in Rindouko lake view, Nasu

Its theme is a Swiss festival using ”light” and “water” taking advantage of the landscape, such as buildings, lakes and forests of a little town in Switzerland.
FeStA LuCe in Rindouko lake view, Nasu FeStA LuCe in Rindouko lake view, Nasu

The “Singing Christmas Tree” projected on the building of the Clock Tower Square is an experience-based illumination! Using the latest technology, the “face projection mapping” projects a picture of yourself taken in advance as Santa Claus, giving you the experience of being part of a choir.
Event dates: until December 25 (Wed), 2019
Access: 40-minute ride on free shuttle bus from Nasushiobara station
(Reservation needed until January 5 Day-time bus: by 17:00 the day before, Night-time bus: by 15:00 the day before)
https://www.rindo.co.jp/(language changeable at the top right)

Rindouko lake view, Nasu Singing Christmas Tree

Ashikaga Flower Park “The garden of illuminated flowers” (Ashikaga, Tochigi)

It has won first prize four years in a row in the illumination department of the “Illumination Awards 2019!” A new spot opened this year is “The miraculous Great Wisteria.” Wisteria naturally has a purple flower but the four changing colors of wisteria on one trunk are specialties of illumination. The mysterious figure mirroring on the water is great too.

Event dates: until February 6 (Thurs), 2020 16:30-21:00 (until 21:30 on weekends)
Access: JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Flower Park Station
Ashikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower Park “The garden of illuminated flowers” presented by (General Incorporated Association) Night View Convention Bureau

One of the three great illuminations in Kanto “Sagamiko Illumilion” (Sagami, Kanagawa)

The very first powerful entertainment show where drones lights up to the music, having a great tree at the center! You can air-walk above the illuminations on a 250m-long lift, a “Rainbow Lift,” and you can look down on the illuminations from the sky on a “Light Hot Air Balloon!”

Event dates: until April 5 (Sun), 2019 *planned to be 16:00-21:00 *last entry 20:30
*light up time will be 17:00 in January and will vary according to the season from February.
Access: 8-minute ride on bus to Pleasure Forest-mae stop from JR Chuo Main Line Sagamiko station
さがみ湖イルミリオン Sagamiko Illumilion Sagamiko Illumilion

-Experience-based Illumination- “Izukogen Granillumi -5th season-” (Izu, Shizuoka)

They have various attractions that you can only experience in a “experience-based illumination,” such as “Dino Age Kart” and “Dino Age Walk,” where you can see dinosaurs at its real size move, and “Illumi deZOO,” which is a combination of illumination and animals!

Event dates: until April 5 -21:30
*It may differ according to the season and day (take a look at their official website for details)
Izukogen Granillumi Izukogen Granillumi Izukogen Granillumi -5th season-

Nabana no Sato (Kuwana, Mie)

It has won first prize in the professional performance department of the “Illumination Award 2019!” The “Tunnel of Wisteria” appears after you have walked through the “Tunnel of Light” and you will able to enjoy “SAKURA,” an illumination featuring the beautiful four seasons in Japan, from a wisteria trellis.
Japan’s greatest on-water illumination will definitely amaze you with great nature, with the dynamic flow of the stream.

Event dates: May 6 (Wed), 2020
Access: Kintetsu Nagashima Station
Nabana no Sato Nabana presented by (General Incorporated Association) Night View Convention Bureau

Japanese-style garden Yushien “Golden Island Zipangu 2019 Garden shining in 7 colors -Colorful Garden-” (Matsue, Shimane)

There are 7 illumination exhibitions featuring Japanism including illumination showing Junihitoe (a ceremonial robe of a Japanese court lady) and black light art projection mapping featuring Ukiyoe painting of whales. Projection mapping projected on the Three Element GARDEN, water garden, light garden and Rensen garden, and illumination in water are some new type of stage effects!

Event dates: until January 14 (Tues), 2020 *light up time differs depending on the day
Access: 25-minute ride on free shuttle bus from JR Matsue station
Japanese-style garden Yushien Golden Island Zipangu 2019 Garden shining in 7 colors -Colorful Garden-

Huis Ten Bosch “Kingdom of light” (Nagasaki)

Now held, “Kingdom of light,” which is the world’s greatest illumination using 13 million light bulbs, has won first prize 7 years in a row in the “General Entertainment Department” of the “7th Illumination Award.” Selected as one of the “Three Great Illumination in Japan” (October 20, 2017), this year you cannot miss the “Wishes Wonderland.” Despite the tendency of making it vibrant in the last years, they have covered all the illumination with white. By arranging it to one color, they have created a space that makes us imagine the winter landscape of Europe with a glorious chapel in the center, as a “place where happy future comes true,” with white light surrounding Amsterdam Square.

Event dates: until May 6, 2020
Access: an hour and 45 minute-ride on express from Hakata station
Huis Ten Bosch Huis Ten Bosch Huis Ten Bosch “Kingdom of light”

Kokura Illumination (Kokura, Fukuoka)

It is famous for its tunnel of light where artificial flowers of azaleas, the flower of Kitakyushu-city, are decorated using eco-friendly LED lights.
Event dates: until January 30 (Mon), 2020
Access: JR Kokura station
Kokura Illumination Kokura Illumination presented by (General Incorporated Association) Night View Convention Bureau

Southeast Botanical Gardens “Pathway of light” (Okinawa, Okinawa)

The greatest outdoor tropical botanical garden in Japan, located in Okinawa city. You can have an experience with nature and animals of the southern islands. It was designated as the “Night View Heritage of Japan” for the first time in Okinawa in 2019. This time, they have tripled the number of light bulbs from last year and have decorated the trees, grass and pathways of the park with colorful illuminations.

Event dates: until April 5 (Sun), 2020 17:00-22:00 (*able the enter park 9:00-21:30)
Access: an hour and 25 minute-ride on bus or taxi from Yui Rail Asahibashi station
Southeast Botanical Gardens Southeast Botanical Gardens “Pathway of light” presented by (General Incorporated Association) Night View Convention Bureau

*The information herein is as of December 2019