Tochigi prefecture, full of charms

Known as a tourist spot, Tochigi Prefecture is home to a beautiful natural environment and the Shrines and Temples of Nikko (World Heritage Site). Tochigi is recommended for those who wish to experience the history and culture of Japan first-hand. Utsunomiya is the seat of the prefectural government. It is also one of the famous places for dumplings in Japan and visitors
can enjoy a variety of different kinds of dumplings while strolling around the town. Nikko is a major tourist area that boasts magnificent, abundant nature as well as historical structures registered as World Heritage Sites. Nasu is a plateau resort site where you can enjoy hot springs, sports such as golf and skiing, as well as the rich natural surroundings of the plateau itself. Mashiko is a town that has gained renown
throughout Japan as a producer of pottery (Mashiko-yaki). Nakagawa is a town known for its Ukiyo-e Gallery and beautiful, clear river stream.
Tochigi features a variety of places of i n t e r e s t , e a c h d i ff e r i n g i n t e r m s o f
characteristics depending on which region you visit. Sano is a place to go to get your fill of both famous Sano Ramen (noodles) and shopping at the outlets. Ashikaga is a destination for both educational sites and history. It is called the“ Little Kyoto of the East,” where Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples stand side-by-side. Tochigi and K a n u m a i s a p l a c e w h e r e c l a s s i c a l warehouses, performing arts and other
aspects of historical and traditional significance remain alive and well. There are options for getting there from Tokyo. Take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Utsunomiya Station from Tokyo Station (about 50 min). Or, take the Tobu Express
(SPACIA) to Kinugawa-onsen Station from Asakusa Station (about 120 min). The trip can also be made in about the same amount of time when going via the Tobu Direct Express from Shinjuku. Tochigi is
an ideal short-trip destination from Tokyo. When coming to Japan, Tochigi is definitely a place
well worth a visit.

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