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Created by coral reefs, Okinawa is also referred to as uruma (meaning “an island of coral”) in the local dialect. The beautiful ocean with a large variety of fish species is highly acclaimed by divers all over the world. The kerama Islands near Okinawa Island (Okinawa Honto mainland) are blessed with a number of beautiful coral reef diving spots. The Yaeyama Islands include Ishigaki Island with “Kabira Ishizaki Manta Scramble,” which offers one of the highest percentages of manta (manta ray) encounters in Japan, as well as Yonaguni Island with a diving point at the mysterious “Yonaguni Monument,” which has been extensively investigated by researchers to determine whether this underwater rock formation is an artificial structure.

Okinawa’s Diving Loved by the World’s Divers for Its Beauty

Miyako Island has the famous diving point called “Mao-no-kyuden” (Devil’s Palace), which was named after its structure consisting of underwater caves in various sizes and thereby giving the image of a palace. In addition to these famous diving points, there are many other great diving spots in the Okinawan Islands. The diving spots around the mainland have good access to transportation, offering a fun time after diving. Located near the urban-style resort facility called Mihama American Village in the central part of the mainland, Sunabe Beach is famous as not only a diving spot but also a place to watch the beautiful sunset into the East China Sea, attracting many people in the evening.

Even if you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about getting started because you can get kind and thorough support from local diving shops, which will fully satisfy both beginners and advanced divers.

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