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Are you one of those who have no scuba diving license and are looking for a convenient way to enjoy the beautiful Okinawan ocean? If so, snorkeling is perfect for you. Snorkeling, from beaches and boats, will make it possible for you to enjoy the ocean from different angles, such as “pure white coral sand” and “colorful fish swimming around coral reefs,” at various spots, including the famous “Blue Cave” with mystic blue light (Cape Maeda). Snorkeling, which requires only three items, “a snorkel,” “goggles,” and “fins,” can also be suitable for divers who don’t want to carry around heavy diving equipment while traveling abroad.

Surrounded by Fish and Coral, Become One with the Ocean

Snorkeling is such a simple activity, but it is recommended to visit one of the local diving shops to fully enjoy it. It is not only for safety but also getting the best snorkeling point of the day from diving shop staff who know everything about Okinawa’s ocean. For snorkeling beginners, local diving shops provide a full range of services for you to get started, including pick-up and drop-off services and lectures for safe snorkeling with a life jacket, supporting you to safely enjoy the beautiful ocean in Okinawa.

Swimming with fish in the beautiful ocean will surely be one of the most memorable moments of your trip.

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