CultureSea Kayaking in Okinawa

One of the features of sea kayaks is a foot-operated rudder that enhances the performance on the sea.

Wonderful Scenery Experienced Only in a Sea Kayak

Many kayaks used in the tour are two-seaters. Once you establish a paddling rhythm, you will scud over the sea like a vigorous wind. Sea kayaks make it possible to go to places not possible by cruiser or motor boat. The ability to adventure off the beaten path is the biggest attraction of sea kayaking. A tour will take you to breathtaking views with wonderful encounters that you can’t experience otherwise. The tour program includes overnight camping on a deserted island. Chatting under the star-filled night sky is a romantic pleasure.

Even if you are unfamiliar with sea kayaking, don't worry. Before you start on a tour, your local shops will provide a sea kayaking lesson, and all participants are required to wear a life jacket. Some shops on the Okinawa mainland and other remote islands offer tours in English, making for an even more pleasant experience.

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