CultureJungle Trekking in Okinawa

A jungle trekking tour offers you the opportunity to fully enjoy the sub-tropical nature of Okinawa while observing rare creatures and plants living therein. Most trekking tours go to the sacred waterfall located deep in the forest. To reach the goal, you may have to walk and even swim in water as you go through the jungle. However, at the moment when you reach the waterfall that looked like a small white stream from a distance during trekking, you will know that you have been rewarded for your efforts to get there. You can enjoy swimming in the waterfall basin.

Walk Across the Jungle to a Sacred Waterfall

Most trekking tours take you through easy courses, and some offer plans for participating with children. You will put on a life jacket if you have to walk and/or swim in a river, so there is no need to worry about safety during your tour.

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