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Admired by people around the world as a martial art, self-defense skill, and fighting sport, karate originated in Okinawa.

Learn Karate at Its Birthplace

It is said to have developed from a combination of Okinawa’s indigenous martial art of te and the Chinese art of kenpo. Literally meaning “empty (kara) handed (te),” karate is an art for protecting oneself using the hands and legs without a weapon.

If you are interested in trying karate, visit Taiken Okoku Murasaki Mura (hands-on experience kingdom Murasaki Village) in Yomitan Village. There you will find the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Kobudo Kokusai Kenshu Center (Okinawa traditional karate ancient martial arts international training center), which provides authentic karate lectures by professional karate instructors that are very popular among foreign tourists.

If you are really into karate, visit the Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau, which supports karate lovers in other countries who are interested in coming to Okinawa to learn karate but know nothing about Okinawa or its karate dojos. To learn more, visit their website (, which is in five languages – English, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. For questions or inquiries about dojos and accommodations, their website has a contact form. They also arrange training sessions and interpreters to help people learn karate stress-free even if you have never been to Okinawa.

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