CultureWhale-watching in Okinawa

The Kerama Islands, located offshore of the mainland, are famous as a breeding site for humpback whales, attracting many people who enjoy whale-watching from January to March every year.

Be Part of the Scene of the Magnificent Ocean

During the breeding season, whale activity is monitored from a lookout located on a hill on the island, and when a whale is sighted, the tour boats are notified by radio. Lucky visitors will get to see a whale soon after arriving at the island. After arriving at the site, turn off your boat engine and wait quietly. You may see a whale blowing water only a few meters away.

The most exciting behavior of whales is a unique jump called “breaching.” Witnessing a humpback whale weighing as much as 30 tons leaping out of the water and then slamming its huge body back down onto the sea surface is a thrill of a lifetime that instills a sense of awe for the grandeur and power of the natural world. Located within a day-trip distance from Naha by high-speed boat, the Kerama Islands are a convenient choice for people who want to enjoy the nightlife in Naha after a day of whale-watching.

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