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Okinawa has established a unique food culture since the ancient time through exchanges with Asian countries. In recent years, with an influence from American food culture, the unique cuisine culture has further developed.

Enjoy Okinawan Cuisine Based on Chanpuru Culture

Okinawa-soba (noodles) is a kind of “soul food” of Okinawa and each shop and each region has its own taste with different ingredients. Local people have their favorite Okinawa-soba restaurants. Rafute, braised pork, is another famous Okinawan pork dish. Chanpuru, in which shima-dofu (Okinawa’s unique, hard tofu), vegetables, eggs and luncheon meat are stir-fried together, is also popular in Okinawa. (Chanpuru means “mix” in the Okinawan dialect.) Among the chanpuru dishes, goya chanpuru with goya (bitter gourd), which is a vegetable with abundant vitamin C, is characterized by a unique bitter taste and you are sure to get addicted. Taco rice, combining American food culture “taco” and Japanese rice, is also a very popular dish.

For dessert, chinsuko, baked goods made from flour, sugar and lard, and sata andagi, doughnuts using brown sugar, are highly recommended. For those who like alcohol, awamori, distilled spirits of Okinawa, is a must-try. There are 48 distilleries in Okinawa and they produce various tastes of awamori.
After appreciating the delicacy of Okinawan food, have a rest at cafes surrounded by nature. Choose your favorite cafe, such as a quite one facing to the blue ocean or a peaceful one in the lush forest, and have a relaxing tea time while taking in the beautiful scenery. In Okinawa, the beautiful blue ocean and sky might stimulate your appetite even more.

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