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Experience Life in the “Snow Country”

Harvesting Vegetables in Snow

You can experience making snowmen and harvesting
vegetables buried under snow by staying
in a farmhouse in Kitakata, Fukushima
Prefecture, where it snows heavily every year.
There is no need to worry about not being able
to speak Japanese. Once you sit around the fire
with the members of the farming family, you
will feel comfortable. You will need to bring
your own pajamas, toilet articles and towels
as farmhouses are not hotels. Reservations are
needed one week in advance.

NPO Kitakata-shi Green Tourism Support Center

Snowstorm Tour

Walking through the raging snowstorm of
Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture, is a very unique
experience. With kakumaki (traditional blanket
against cold) and kanjiki (traditional snowshoes)
on, you can experience the famous whirlwind-like
storm of snow that is blown up from the ground
by the wind.

Tsugaru Jifubukikai For inquiries: Tel 0173-52-2012,
Fax 0173-52-2012 (Japanese only)

Reindeer Sleigh

Go for reindeer sleigh rides through the frozen
wilderness of glittering snow. It will surely be a
magical experience. Make sure to make a call
beforehand to check if it’s open for business.

December 21, 2012-January 14, 2013,
February 2-February17, 2013: 5 min ride
Price Adult: 2,100 yen Child: 1,580 yen

Niseko Village, Hokkaido

Make sure you are fully equipped!

Boots (rental available), gloves (rental available), cap that covers your ears (rental available), sunglasses (rental available), skiwear (rental available), fleece jacket (rental available), thermal underwear (e.g., tights), underclothing (avoid cotton), socks, sunscreen, disposable hot pack

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