Taking the latest model of Shinkansen to admire autumn colors

Lake Tazawa Area

Take a Super Komachi E6 series train from Tokyo Station and you will arrive at Tazawako Station in about 3 hours. A 15-minute bus ride will bring you to Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan with a maximum depth of 423.4 meters. The contrast between the cobalt blue lake and
the autumn colors is magnicent.
This region is dotted with distinctive hot spring resorts. Nyuto Onsen Kyo is loved for its milkey-white water and rustic environment. Tamagawa Onsen is said to be the birthplace of ganban-yoku, a form of hot-stone spa using geothermal heat. This renowned hot spring is always full of visitors coming from all over Japan to have the thermal

Kakunodate Area

Kakunodate is known for its streets with long black board fences and nostalgic Japanese atmosphere. In autumn, the scenery of colored maple leaves in contrast with the black board fences is breathtakingly beautiful. During the autumn colors period, old samurai residences are lit up. At about 20 minutes by taxi from Kakunodate Station, Dakigaeri
Valley is a famous colored leaf viewing spot. You can enjoy autumn tints while trekking along the trail in the immense valley, which is about 10 km in length.


Namahage is a traditional folklore event in Oga Peninsula, designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. Many people love it for its wild look and rough action. You can explore the Namahage world at Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum and Oga Onsen Koryu Kaikan Gofu in Oga City.


Inaniwa-udon is hand-rolled dried udon noodles mainly consumed in the southern part of Akita Prefecture. You can enjoy the unique supple texture of noodles on your tongue and as you swallow.
Kiritampo-nabe is a hot pot dish prepared with kiritampo, or skewergrilled mashed rice, vegetables and chicken. Kiritampo, which absorbs the rich avor of the soup, is really delicious.

JR East oers JR EAST PASS, an economical and exible ticket for travel to Akita. It allows unlimited rides on JR East trains including Shinkansen. The pass is valid for any ve days of your choice within a 14-day period from the day of issuance. These highly discounted fares are 22,000 yen for adults and 11,000 yen for children. For more details about the pass, please refer to the information on the back cover.
*JR EAST PASS is available for Ordinary car seats only.

Visiting several areas or staying at one place for an extended stay – either will be great. It takes only a few hours from Tokyo Station to Akita. Get a JR pass and take a comfortable, casual trip!

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