CultureLet's enjoy the night in Japan at a Karaoke Box

Shrines, temples, amazing scenery, hot springs, Japanese food, ramen noodles, and shopping. There are so many things that you MUST do in Japan. At the end of the day, why don’t you enjoy singing at a Karaoke Box in the evening?

What is a Karaoke Box?

Karaoke is a way to enjoy singing along with background music. This born-in-Japan culture has spread and now is enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Overseas, when people go to karaoke, they usually sing in front of other people at a bar or pub. However, the mainstream of Japanese karaoke is that of set-ups of individual rooms. You can enjoy singing to your heart’s content in your own private space.

How to Use a Karaoke Box?

At first, you need to sign in at the front desk when you enter the Karaoke Box establishment. The fare structure depends on the establishment, but it usually depends on the number of people, time of day, and kind of drinks you order. Some establishments have a plan with all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages. First, you need to check the fare system and its contents. Once you enter the room, all you need to do is choose a song and start singing.

Easy Control with Touch Panel and Various Ways to Enjoy

Choose the song you want to sing through the electronic index book like Smart DAM of Daiichikosho. You can also adjust the key of the song in the way you like. By playing around with the touch panel, you will gain an appreciation of Japanese technology. Besides Japanese songs, there are many English, Chinese, and Korean songs and you can sing as many songs as you want during the hour you choose.

The best part of the Karaoke Box is that you can enjoy singing even if you don’t like singing in front of other people. In Japan, some people go to a Karaoke Box by themselves and belt out their songs without having to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Relax and sing your favorite songs, or sing as a group with tambourines. You can also enjoy costume play in the “corroboration room.” Your choice! Why don’t you try singing those Japanese songs you have wanted to sing for a long time? You can challenge the grading system and get a check of your singing skill. You can also enjoy food and drink between songs. Let’s enjoy the night in Japan at a Karaoke Box!

Original of Karaoke

The original, literal meaning of Karaoke is “empty + orchestra” (“kara” means “empty” in Japanese). In Japan, Karaoke machines were first set up in some pubs in the 1970s. In the mid-1980s, the Karaoke Box was developed and specialized for enjoying singing only, rather than for singing as an add-on to drinking.
Karaoke first began with cassette tape. Nowadays, online Karaoke has become mainstream. And now you can adjust a variety of high tech-functions, such as echo function, musical key and rhythm, and there is also a skill grading system and digital-to voice translator. In the early days, people read lyrics from a lyric book. Now, the lyrics are displayed on a monitor, and the words you should be singing are highlighted in color.Many Japanese people enjoy karaoke very much.

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