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Here is some good news for Fuji Q Highland Fans.
If you’re an explorer of this theme Park, new attractions will be opened very shortly for you to make new challenges. Here are the next 4 new fun games to try out!
Fuji Q Highland is presenting the

1) ….. Hospital:

Be prepared to become the main character of a live horror movie!! In this old, dark and spooky hospital mansion complex you will encounter fearsome corpses, ghosts walking through dark and blood covered halls, voices whispering your ears and suddenly hear shrieking disturbing sounds. You never know what comes next and what could show up in front of your eyes. The setting and special effects makes everything seem so incredibly realistic compared to any other horror house. You will never want to be left behind during this journey, not even for a second! So how big is your fear and how much can you handle?

2) Sneak Task Game

Real entertainment game and a good way to get involved with a group of friends!
Undergo through the shortest military training service and develop skills as a secret agent! You will be assigned several patrol activities where you and your co-partners will become intruders in the indoors of a controlled secured area. Robots and monitoring cameras will look up for you so be aware and find them before they find you! Careful now, this is a game that requires real team work in order to succeed and reach the next level! Have fun and see how far you can go!

Shingen Kan(restaurant)

More than a game this is a new modern restaurant with a much defined Japanese style design. Japanese products are also displayed such as old kimonos and warlord’s armors. Additionally, traditional drum performances are hold just in the centre of the room to represent the culture of the area. Overall, this could add some Japanese vibe to your day whilst enjoying your meal so drop in and enjoy!

Thamas circus

Last but not least, here is Tom Land the fantastic open ground maze attraction for children! Help your child get oriented in this fun maze and complete the two courses to collect as many stamps as possible! You will be awarded with a very nice sticker for them to bring home as a memory of this day!

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