Culture Shinjuku Eisa Festival-Viviene in Japan Vol.3

3rd report by Viviene from Italy.

By July 31th, 2015

Eisa festival lasts 4 days

Last weekend Shinjuku Dori rocked the streets with the 4 day event Eisa festival carried out to represent the Okinawan culture.

Dances and Taiko Drumming

Anyone who was there last weekend can picture the overcrowded area. Traditional and vivid dances following the beats of the Taiko Drumming where performed from the locals of Okinawa. The customs and music were a highlight of this event, wearing brightly featured color vests and colorful knotted turbans.

Japanese traditional music

This was a spectacular and exciting show full of vigor and positive energy embraced by the public of Shinjuku which introduced as well new sounds of Japanese traditional music.

Go to festivals

If you’re in Japan for this summer season and are interested to such kind of event, it’s the perfect timing to look around you and run into similar festivals.

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