CultureNihombashi-Viviene in Japan Vol.4

4th report by Viviene from Italy.

Art Aquarium 1

Passing by the modern redeveloped district of Nihombashi you will find the 5th annual eccentric contemporary Japanese style Art Aquarium Exhibition presented by producer Hidetomo Kimakura running until September 23rd.

Art Aquarium 2

Stay tuned and dig into a surreal yet sophisticated atmosphere. Goldfishes placed in artistic water tanks will be shown with quirky shapes and forms resulted by an intriguing fusion between modern art and nature displayed with background ambiental music and peculiar color lighting settings

Art Aquarium 3

After 7:00 pm the Night Aquarium takes place but keep updated as special events are also hold such as “the Maiko Night” opened from the 27th until Thursday 30th from 21:00 until 23:00.
Grab a cocktail or a drink at the bar during the exhibition!

Nihombashi Area

Nihombashi still remains a district descended from the Edo period, so satisfy your day by getting yourself into a small boat trip (spotted under the area’s symbolic Nihombashi bridge) and culture yourself about the district’s past enjoying the old sceneries of the area riding along the Nihombashi River.

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