CultureYukata De Guide Tour- Viviene in Japan Vol.5

Viviene from Italy.
I went to the Yukata De Guide Tour held by Sumida-ku.

If you want to experience the most common Japanese customs in one sunny summer day, this is the tour for you!

Wear Yukata, Kyu Yasuda Garden and Tea Ceremony

The excitement begins from the very beginning where you will be able to choose and combine the robe and Obi of your choice! It might be difficult for first timers to wear it on your own, so if needed you can always ask a hand to the staff. They are there to help you! You will love the feeling of wearing light clothes and wander through Sumida City.
On your way to the tea ceremony, you will gaze beautiful scenery of Kyu Yasuda Garden. The sight of everyone on their yukata and the location was really picturesque in this occasion bringing a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere, the perfect mood for something special.

Kokugikan Sumo Stadium

After having learned the technique and procedure of drinking green tea, tasted it and eaten the sweets distributed during the ceremony, the tour leads to the indoors of the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium. It was a real privilege to get access and visit the rooms of sumo wrestlers. The rooms were surprisingly big and are purposely built for sumo wrestlers to have wider spaces for their training and socializing environment. It’s definitely a most see as being a big part of Japan’s National Sport and culture.

Sumida River

After an effortless walk "geta” (sandals), you can take your lunch box and enjoy your meal staring at the views of the Sumida River. This night cruise will also charm you with a Shamisen concert.

Bon-odori Dance

The day was long, but could not end without the Bon-odori dance in the streets of Ryogoku. What a stunning festival! The street decorations and the lines of the people was incredibly beautiful to watch. People will drag you to join the dance. Don’t be shy, just follow the steps from people in front of you! You will love it so much that you will not want it to end. There are plenty of banquets offering yakisoba noodles and other Japanese snacks and of course beer! Grab some snacks and beer and enjoy the festive sight around you!

This is a unique experience to enjoy your time in Japan with new experiences, new teachings and a great way to meet new people! Don’t miss it!

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