CultureZojoji Temple-Viviene in Japan Vol.7

7th report by Viviene from Italy.

Zojoji temple

My visit to Zojoji temple was initially inspired by one of my favorite action movies “The Wolverine” which captured my attention for its remarkable space and appealing landscape.

the temple and the Tokyo Tower

Entering through the dominating main gate (Sangedatsumon) you will find yourself in front of a contrasting scenery between the temple and the Tokyo Tower.

a special and gracious “aura” to this place

You may have encountered similar views like this one in Tokyo but each landscape has its own fascination. The sound of birds, the windy mellow climate and the scent of incense emitted a special and gracious “aura” to this place. I could also overhear the melodic chanting of the monks which took me into a deep meditative state. It was an interesting effect, if given the opportunity attend the ceremony!

Jizo stone dolls

Wondering through the temple, just aside you can find a row of colorful and decorated Jizo stone dolls in commemoration of the unborn children. If you continue further down you will come across the Tokyo Tower constructed in 1958 to represent “Japan’s rebirth” after the war in 1950’s and was once remembered as the tallest building of Japan. Have a go and go up to the top level to enjoy the views from an astonishing height!

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