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Noemi will show you around METoA Ginza, Mitsubishi Electric’s event space in one of Ginza’s landmarks,
the Tokyu Plaza Ginza. We hope you will stop by and enjoy the ongoing free events, and maybe
even stop in at the quaint cafe on the 1st floor.

Experience the Leading-edge Technologies in Ginza

This is a space where the leading-edge technologies are integrated with various forms of art, traditions, and cultures, creating unique discoveries and surprises for visitors to see, feel, and experience. Enjoy experiencing Japanese leadingedge technologies, culture, and traditions!

Note: Depending on the timing of each event, exhibition display will vary.


①Event themes are based on business and projects Mitsubishi Electric is involved in, ranging from household goods to equipment and systems used in outer space. The themes change every 3-4 months, so there’s always something new in the making.
②Miniature art is presented featuring industrial robots and industrial machines.
③A manufacturing robot in the image of a giraffe.
④Stand in front of the “Vision” and surface and
cute illustrations appear. “Vision” is the perfect spot for taking photos.
⑤The Kirigamine air conditioner “personal airflow”experience, delivered only to you.
⑥Experience a revolutionary world of powerfuland beautiful images at METoA VISION on the 2nd floor.
⑦The elevators in the building are equipped with a
state-of-the-art surround sound system, creating a
space where passengers feel as if they are being enwrapped in sound.
⑧The special concept home appliance made of Japanese traditional materials.
⑨There is a gift shop filled with many carefully selected traditional Japanese-crafted items. A great place to find that ideal souvenir.
➉Me’s CAFE & KITCHEN, on the 1st floor, provides
a spacious, relaxing area where you can enjoy meals
and desserts. Everything looks so delicious!

Note: Depending on the timing of each event, exhibition display will vary.

When you are in Ginza, this is a place you should visit!

Ginza 5-2-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, in Tokyu Plaza Ginza
METoA Ginza: 03-5537-7411 11:00-21:00 / Me’s CAFE & KITCHEN: 03-6264-5761 11:00-23:00 (Last call 22:00)
1 min walk from C2 or C3 exit of Ginza Sta., 2 min walk from A1 Exit of Hibiya Sta., 2 min walk from A0 Exit of Yurakucho Sta.
For details, please visit >>METoA Ginza

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