EventsWorld Cosplay Summit 2015

This year's summit will be the 11th held and with new entries from Russia, England (UK) and Indonesia, cosplayers from 20 countries around the world will come together in Nagoya. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, various events, including an Anime Song Live Show, will take place through the nine days of the summit.

World Cosplay Summit 2015


July 25 (Sat)-August 2 (Sun), 2015



Nishiki-dori Street, Osu Shopping Mall, Oasis 21, Naka-ku and Higashi-ku, Naogya City, Aichi Prefecture



・Aug 1st NAGOYA Anison Fes 2014: 6,800 yen ・Aug 2nd World Cosplay Summit Championship Ticket with Special Merchandise: 1F Seat: 2,800 yen 2F Seat: 2,000 yen 3F Seat: 1,500 yen ・Aug 2nd Public Viewing Ticket with Special Merchandise:2,800 yen ・Aug 2&Aug 3 Cosplayers' Dressing Room Ticket(Nikkei Nagoya Building 3F):700 yen (each day) ・Aug 2&Aug 3 Cosplayers' Dressing Room Ticket (Karaoke Room Big Echo Hirokoji Store): [9:00am ~ 8:00pm] ticket 1,700 yen (each day) [9:00am ~ 11:00pm] ticket 2,000 yen (each day)



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