EventsChitose, Shikotsu-ko Hyoto Matsuri (Chitose and Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival)

Water from Lake Shikotsu is put through sprinklers and becomes different pieces of art in various sizes as it freezes. The high level of transparency of the water makes for a very clear blue color called "Shikotsu-ko Blue" which the various ice figures take on and thereby shine this blue in the sunlight. In the evening, illuminated by colorful strings of lights, a fairy-tale like world is created. Also near the area are good-quality hot springs with varying water characteristics.

Chitose, Shikotsu-ko Hyoto Matsuri (Chitose and Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival)



Jan 29th 2016 - Feb 21th 2016


Shikotsu-ko Onsen, Chitose City, Hokkaido






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