EventsThe First of its Kind in Japan! Chiba Red Bull Air Race 2015

Have you heard of Red Bull Air Race? It is an air race in which competitors navigate a challenging obstacle course in the fastest time. Pilots in a propeller plane circuit the course at as fast as 370 km/h, which makes this air race the fastest motor sport in the world, and compete against the clock. Japan’s first of its kind, Chiba Red Bull Air Race 2015, will take place in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. Chiba City is about 40 minutes from Narita and Haneda airports and about 30 minutes from Tokyo. It is close to Tokyo Disney Resort®, too! The venue, Makuharikaihin Park, is Japan’s longest artificial beach, and the second oldest man-made beach in the world after Monte Carlo’s Larvotto Beach. It has blessed with splendid views of white sand and green pines, Mt. Fuji, and the whole of Tokyo Bay against the background of TOKYO SKYTREE®. Chiba is the closest city to Tokyo with a sandy beach. When you come to Chiba City, why not try riding Chiba Urban Monorail, the longest suspended monorail in the world! It is sure to be an exciting experience – like a sky trip. As for other leisure spots, boat cruising around Chiba Port, where seagulls fly about, and Chiba Chiho Oroshiuri Market (local wholesale market), where you can enjoy fresh seafood don (seafood topped on rice), are popular tourist destinations. During spring, “Strawberry Picking” is especially recommended. Dragon Farm, which offers 14 different types of strawberries, Yokota Farm, where strawberries are available until June, Erdbeere with one of the biggest greenhouses in the prefecture, and more – there are so many places to visit. Chiba City is the birthplace of Japan’s civilian aviation and also a samurai town that has a close association with the Chiba clan.

The First of its Kind in Japan! Chiba Red Bull Air Race 2015

Red Bull Air Race in 千葉


May 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun), 2015



〒261ー0022 千葉県千葉市美浜区美浜


〒261ー0022Mihama, Mihama-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba



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