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About 300 “Yosakoi Dance” teams participate in this massive dance competition. It takes place in Od... Read

About 2.8 million trees of “Ezo Murasaki Tsutsuji” (Rhododendron dauricum), designated as a Special... Read

The entire downtown is covered with magical illuminations. You will be enchanted and delighted by t... Read

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Asahikawa Winter Festiv... The festival features one of the world's largest snow statues, "International Ice Sculpture Contest... Sapporo Snow Festival (... Known as one of the world’s four most famous ice and snow festivals, Sapporo Snow Festival is a gre... Shiretoko Fantasia Held in Utoro Onsen, a phantasmagoria of light, sound and laser reproducing the aurora phenomenon. Star Illumination of Go... The moat of Hakodate’s star fort will be decorated with 2,000 light bulbs–an enormous star will com... Otaru Snow Light Path The snow and the streets of Otaru become illuminated by candle lamps; the retro cityscape gets engu... Chitose, Shikotsu-ko Hy... Water from Lake Shikotsu is put through sprinklers and becomes different pieces of art in various s... Hakodate Christmas Fant... A huge and imposing fir tree presented by Halifax in Canada, the sister city of Hakodate, will be d... MOMI-G Festa You can see beautiful autumn leaves at Kosetsuen Park, a government designated cultural-asset garde... Flower Scenery Hanack &... Tokachigawa Hot Spring will be filled with bright flowers again this summer. Planters of colorful f... Lake Akan Winter Festiv... Every day during the festival, fireworks displays take place along with an original mini-ceremony. ... Shikotsuko Momiji Matsu... Delicious food of autumn can be eaten while viewing beautiful red and yellow autumn foliage. Stalls... 52nd Noboribetsu Jigoku... This is a cheerful event in which the door to "Hell" of Jigokudani, a famous place in Noboribetsu O... 29th Hokuryu-cho Himawa... This popular annual event is held at Himawari no Sato in Hokuryu-cho. During the festival period, v... Jigoku no Tani no Oniha... Yukijin, or guardian deities who dwell around Jigokudani Valley, explode fireworks in a very dynami... Sakura Matsuri Hakodate Park is bathed entirely in pink, as 700 cherry trees blossom in splendid profusion. Every ...

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