RecipeClam Miso Soup


Ingredients (For 6 persons)

・Clams about 600g ・Alcohol 1/2 cup(100ml)If you don’t have Japanese alcohol, you can use white wine. ・Water 1.2l ・Green onions as you like ・Miso (bean paste) 45g


1【Preparations】 Put the clams in water and rub the shells to clean it.

2Put the clean clams in a pot or a fry pan and add alcohol (to clear the odor). Cover with a lid. Steam at high heat while shaking the fry pan that the clams be soaked with alcohol correctly.

3When the clams open, add water and steam at medium heat. Scum the dirt until there is no more.

4Stop the heat, add miso and melt it correctly by using a spoon and a ladle. Do not add everything at once, it won’t melt correctly. Then add the green onions. It is ready !

5【Important】 ・If it is a bit bland, add a pinch of salt and taste again. ・In 1, when we steam with alcohol, it will fade. So when the clams open, there is no need to wait longer. ・When we add miso, the taste of miso will fade if still heating. So stop the heat, then add miso.

Liquid Measures:
1 cup = 200ml = 6.76 fl oz
1 tablespoon = 15ml = 0.5 fl oz
1 teaspoon = 5ml = 0.16 fl oz

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