RecipeGrazed Sardine Bowl


Ingredients (1 serving) 2 sardines 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (30ml) 2 tablespoons of sake (30ml) 1 tablespoon of mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) (15g) 1 tablespoon of sugar (15g) Slice a few thin pieces of ginger A dash of salad oil or Sesame oil

A pinch of soft wheat flour A pinch of grinded Sansho (Japanese pepper) if you can find it It is the equivalent of a European green pepper. If mirin is not available, use 1/2 tablespoon of sugar spoon


1Preparation Remove the scales from the sardines. Cut the head off and remove all of the guts and bones by hand. Rinse them with water and use a paper towel to dry.

2Mix all of the ingredients with A and place them in a pan

3Lightly dredge the sardines in soft wheat flour

4Heat the salad oil in a frying pan. Then place the sardines into the frying pan and fry. Make sure to place the sardines skin-side up. When they have browned, turn them over and fry.

5Place the sardines in a pan with the mixed ingredients of A. Then boil the pan between 30 seconds to 1minute on medium heat.

6Serve the sardines over a bowl of rice. You can use sansho powder on the sardines if you like.

Liquid Measures:
1 cup = 200ml = 6.76 fl oz
1 tablespoon = 15ml = 0.5 fl oz
1 teaspoon = 5ml = 0.16 fl oz

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