RecipeCleaning and Filleting a Fish (Sanmai-oroshi)


Ingredients (for 4 servings) Red sea bream 1.2 to 1.5 kg


1Remove the scales by scraping from the tail towards the head and wash the fish thoroughly. The scales of sea bream are large and may be tough to remove. If available, use a special scale remover that also allows removal of scales in small areas.

2Along the line from the back of the head and the abdominal fin, cut using a knife to cut off the head. The organs should come out with the head, so remove them as well when pulling off the head. Make another cut along the abdomen and wash the inside of the abdomen thoroughly under running water.

3Make a vertical cut across the base of the tail, insert the knife into the cut, and cut along the backbone from the tail towards the head to detach the fillet from the backbone.

4Repeat Step (3) to detach another fillet from the other side of the backbone.

5This technique of cleaning and separating a fish into nice fillets from the bone (ara) is called sanmai-oroshi. If you think this would be too difficult for you, ask your friendly fish seller to do it for you when you buy the fish.

Liquid Measures:
1 cup = 200ml = 6.76 fl oz
1 tablespoon = 15ml = 0.5 fl oz
1 teaspoon = 5ml = 0.16 fl oz

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