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Hakodate has an abundance of places worth seeing and using a tram is very convenient. There are two lines: one is from Yunokawa to Yachigashira, and the other is from Yunokawa to Hakodate Dock. They run every five or ten minutes. A one-day ticket (600 yen) enables you to get on and off at any time and any place for a whole day. There are also a two-day ticket and a combined ticket for tram and bus, so you have a choice depending on your schedule. "Hakodate Haikara-go," a retro-style tram, is operated from April 15th through October 31st. "Hakodate Special Ticket" (2,000 yen) is a good way to save money. This includes a one-day City Tram Ticket or a set of a one-day LCSA Motomachi Bus Ticket and Goryokaku Shuttle Bus Round-Trip Ticket (\700), and 13 tickets which can be used at selected facilities (museums, etc.) and restaurants and pubs.

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