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Onuma Quasi-national Park is an hour's drive from Hakodate. This park is at the foot of Mount Komagatake and includes Onuma, Konuma, Junsainuma and other lakes. Onuma is the largest lake and is 24 km in circumference with a depth of 13.6 meters. A volcanic mudflow from Mount Komagatake once caused a natural dam that blocked a stream and thus led to the formation of Onuma. There are 126 islets in the lake and 18 bridges connecting a select few so travelers and locals alike can enjoy walking on the trails, cycling using rented bicycles, pleasure cruising, boating and canoeing. Mount Komagatake stands close to Onuma and is the main symbol of the park. It is an independent mountain with three peaks and three craters. One of the ‘tops' was blown away during a past eruption and is now rather steep. Mount Komagatake woke up in terms of volcanic activity in 1998 so mountain climbing is now prohibited.

"Steam Locomotive Hakodate Onuma" is operated on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from July 18th through August 2nd and also everyday from August 8th through 16th. A steam locomotive trip with backdrops of Onuma Park and Mount Komagatake is a pleasant memory many take away with them from their visits to Hakodate and Lake Onuma.

Onuma Park



From JR Hakodate Station: 40 min by car / 60 min by bus / 20 min by express train


Onuma-cho, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido





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