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Ozawa Shuzo is located across the Tama River from the Sawanoi Museum. This long-standing brewer has been brewing sake made with the abundant spring water of Ome for 300 years. You can visit their sake cellars and learn about the brewing process.
The temperature of the cellar is kept constant all year round, and it is cool even in summer. Air conditioners do not control the temperature, but the thick walls of the "kura" (cellar) structure naturally preserve a balanced, even temperature inside. The porcelain-enameled tanks for the brew also stand inside. Although the tanks are not all of the same size, for a typical example is big enough to store a volume of sake that would take 60 years to drink if one drank the appropriate amount every day. You can also see the storing shelves of fermented sake (fermenting of sake is not common), and the well from which a crystal stream gushes out through the rocks. At the end of the inspection tour, you can try tasting the fresh sake. Anyone who has interests in Japanese sake will be happy to drop by here.

Enjoy tasting more varieties of sake at "Kikizake Dokoro" in Sawanoi-en, located across the road (fees apply). Snacks and shopping are available here too. You can also drink the fresh spring water which is used for brewing sake.

Ozawa Shuzo



From JR Ome Line Sawai Station: 5 min on foot


2-770 Sawai, Ome-shi, Tokyo





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