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Walking on from north exit of Komagome Station for about 12 minutes, you can find Kyu Furukawa Gardens, historically famous as a beautiful garden park where Western and Japanese cultures are well harmonized. This property was originally the location of the second house of a notable Meiji period politician, Mutsu Munemitsu. However, when his second son was adopted into the Furukawa family, it became the property of the Furukawa family. By using the slopes and the contiguous lower area, the Western-style residence made of brick was built on a small hill on the north side. The Western-style garden was located on the slope, and the Japanese garden was created on the lower level of the grounds. Although the buildings from the previous era no longer exist, the currently existing Western-style residence and garden was designed by the English architect, Josiah Condor (1852-1920), who also designed the Rokumeikan (the first dance hall in Japan) and the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo, known as Nicholai-do. The Japanese garden was designed by Ogawa Jihe from Kyoto (1860-1933), also known as a pioneer of modern Japanese gardens.

Kyu Furukawa Gardens



From JR Kami-Nakasato Station: 7 min on foot / From JR/Subway Komagome Station: 15 min on foot


1-27-39 Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo





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