SpotShimofuri Ginza Shopping Street

On the way to Kyu Furukawa Gardens from the Komagome Station, you will find a busy shopping street called "Shimofuri Ginza Shopping Street." Although it is narrow and short alley, you can find a variety of shops selling many things including perishables, hardware, stationery, and bags. These shops are not sophisticated, but there is a lively energy of everyday living here. On the stalls in front of the shops, appetizing fried croquettes and Chinese pork buns are sold. The recent hit is "melon pan," bread whose appearance resembles a melon.

The Somei Ginza Shopping Street connecting with Shimofuri Ginza is a bit broader and gives a somewhat quieter impression. The name of the shopping center comes from the former Somei Village, where the most popular kind of cherry blossom, someiyoshino, originated.

Shimofuri Ginza Shopping Street



From JR/Subway Komagome Station: 5 min on foot


1 Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo





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