Happo-en, a complex comprising a wedding banquet hall and restaurants, is located along Meguro Street, three minutes' walk to Shirokanedai Station. The term happo is Japanese for "eight directions."The hall was named "Happo-en"after the fact that guests can command beautiful views in every direction. The site was once the retreat of Okubo Hikozaemon, a famous feudal lord during the early Edo Period, known as a government advisor. Its Japanese-style garden of 50,000sq.m is well worth seeing. The garden shows its seasonal beauty; cherry blossoms in spring, azaleas in summer, moon viewing and beautiful leaves in fall, and snow landscapes in winter. (The garden is exclusively for the use of guests at the facility.)




From Shirokanedai Station: 3 min on foot


1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo





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