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An urban oasis in the Shirokane area with 200,000ha of lush greenery. You will be surprised to suddenly find a forest along this main street. However, what is more surprising is the size of the park. The garden has been designed for the conservation and observation of nature, and is kept as natural as possible. Admission is limited to 300 people at a time. Each visitor must wear a ribbon, received at the entrance, so that the staff can ascertain how many people are in the park at any given time. Visitors enjoy this urban oasis in various ways, observing flowers and leaves, listening to birds sing, sketching or taking photographs, and so on. Since the area is designated as a National Natural Monument, even taking a leaf or a stone from the facility is prohibited.

Institute for Nature Study



From Shirokanedai Station: 4 min on foot / From Megoro Station: 7 min on foot


5-21-5 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo





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