Spot Japanese garden of the Prince Hotel Takanawa group

The Japanese garden surrounded by the three hotels of the Prince Hotel Takanawa group is a must-see spot if you happen to be staying at one of said hotels. At the time of the renovation of the former Takanawa Prince Hotel in 1971, the garden replaced an old swimming pool. This garden features seasonal beauty, including cherry blossoms in spring, colorful carps swimming in the pond, and Japanese traditional structures such as a teahouse.

Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium is a city aquarium featuring performances by dolphins and sea lions, constructed inside the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in 2005. Consider adding this destination to your nighttime strolling route.

Japanese garden of the Prince Hotel Takanawa group



From Shinagawa Station: 5 min on foot


3-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo






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