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att.JAPAN Issue 54, December 2010

Nikko Futarasan Shrine was dedicated to Mt. Futara (also known as Mt. Nantai) as its sacred mountain. The 1-km stone path leading to the detached Takinoo Shrine from the back of the main approach goes through the woods and abounds with huge rocks, natural springs and waterfalls. Along the way is the "Undameshi no torii," a lucky sacred gate, where you can try your luck by throwing pebbles three times through the center hole. The number of the stones that go through the hole will tell you the level of your fortune.

Futarasan Shrine


Take a bus from JR Nikko Sta. and get off at Taiyuin Futarasan Jinjamae bus stop.


2307, Sannai, Nikko city, Tochigi



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