SpotDaibutsu-The Big Buddah

Head to Kotokuin Temple, where stands the famous symbol of Kamakura, and one of the most famous sights in Japan, the "great statue of Buddha" (Daibutsu), surrounded by the invigorating sight of azalea blossoms. Though the sheer size is overwhelming, the face of the statue seems to be benevolently giggling.The construction of this great 13.35-meter tall, 121 ton statue was carried out in 1243 AD. One eye alone measures 1 meter across. The statue is hollow and visitors are allowed to look around inside.
Hase-dori Street has had quite a share of temples since days of old. Aside from souvenir shops, you also get a chance to experience the interesting local life and see shops selling local specialities.

Daibutsu-The Big Buddah


7 min on foot from Hase Sta.


4-2-28, Hase, Kamakura city, Kanagawa





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