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In the early Edo period, Kansai (western Japan) style flavor, which generally means blander than that of Kanto (around Edo), was favored and the tamari shoyu from Kansai was preferred. With time, as Edo food culture became more established, “koikuchi shoyu,” which is a thicker, richer soy sauce originated in Kanto, started to be produced. Koikuchi shoyu gradually began to be favored by people and the position of the two types was reversed in the late Edo period. The Tokubgawa government awarded the soy sauce produced in Kanto with the appellation “supreme soy sauce” in 1864. Noda Shoyu Company was founded in 1917 and later it changed the name to Kikkoman, becoming a leading company of the soy sauce industry and one which proudly continues to produce soy sauce, the all-purpose seasoning of Japan, down to the present day.

Kanto vs. Kansai



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