SpotNoda Soy Sauce Walking Tour

Noda is a kind of theme park of soy sauce. As a train approaches Nodashi Station on the Tobu Noda Line, the smell of soy sauce is wafted on the air. Large silos of Kikkoman can be seen from the station. The town is full of black board fences, brick soy sauce storehouses, and stately mansions of families who succeeded in the soy sauce business. Kikkoman Monoshiri Shoyu-kan, a museum, is in the site of the factory. It offers a wealth of knowledge about soy sauce including the production process and the history of soy sauce. Observation of a part of the factory is available. There is a castle-like building near the Edo River: this is Goyogura storehouse where soy sauce for the Imperial Household Agency is brewed. Seeing inside, alas, is not permitted. However, Rengagura, a storehouse made of brick, is available for viewing and a natural brewing process is used to produce soy sauce in this building. Tools actually used for soy sauce brewing and materials related to soy sauce are on display at Noda City Museum. There are also several rice cracker shops in the town.

Noda Soy Sauce Walking Tour


3 min on foot from Tobu Nodashi Sta.


110, Noda, Noda city, Chiba


千葉県野田市野田110 キッコーマン食品野田工場内



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