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Saint Nichiren, founder of the Nichiren Sect of Buddhism, was born in Amatsu Kominato and there are many old temples and places related to him and his legacy. According to a traditional story, in 1264, when Nichiren chanted a Buddhist sutra facing the sea, words of the chant appeared floating on the waves and numerous sea breams gathered to eat the words at Tai no Ura. Since then, local people have believed sea breams were incarnations of Nichiren and have fed and protected sea breams for more than 700 years. A pleasure cruise allows visitors to observe schools of sea bream swimming near the ocean surface, which is quite an unusual phenomenon because sea breams are deep-sea creatures by nature.

Amatsu Kominato


405-16, Uchiura, Kamogawa city, Chiba


千葉県 鴨川市 内浦405-16 観光会館



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