Kakunodate is a castle town built by the lords of Ashina in the early Edo Era (1603-1867). After the Ashinas died out, the Satakes became the lords of Kakunodate. Streets in the town turn at a right angle along the way, which was a method to prepare for battle in times of war. Kakunodate, which is called "Little Kyoto," retains many warrior residences from those days of old. Aoyagi Samurai Manor, which is famous for its elegant gate, has six museums in its 3,000-tsubo (9,900 sq. meters) precincts. Armor and swords passed down for generations, art works and treasured articles are on display. The Ishiguro residence is the oldest and the most prestigious warrior residence remaining in Kakunodate. Its black fences are sophisticated. The Iwahashi and Matsumoto residences were used for shooting of the film "Tasogare Seibei" ("The Twilight Samurai"). Old weeping cherry trees, which fascinatingly bloom in spring, are said to be transplanted from Kyoto in the 17th century and many of them are designated national natural treasures.



Kakunodatemachi, Senboku city, Akita





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