SpotTsuruga-jo Castle

Tsuruga-jo Castle is now refurbished (until March 2011), so you can get a close look at shachihoko, dolphin-like decorations that are usually placed on the roof of a castle. A two-carat diamond is fixed in each of their eyes. At Rinkaku, a tearoom in the precincts, you can relax and enjoy drinking green powdered tea. Oyakuen is a Japanese stroll-type garden with a pond, using the natural scenery around it very effectively. You can walk around the garden. It is a typical and gorgeous garden of its type made by the lord, and is also a medicinal herb garden. At Ochaya-Goten in the garden, you can see beautiful scenery of Higashiyama while enjoying green powdered tea.

Tsuruga-jo Castle


Take a bus from JR Wakamatsu Sta.


1-1, Otte machi, Aizuwakamtsu city, Fukushima





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