SpotShirakami mountain range

Shirakami mountain range was one of the first sites chosen to be a World Heritage site (natural heritage) in Japan together with Yakushima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. Walking leisurely in the mysterious and natural beech forest, visiting Anmon no Taki Waterfall on the streamside path (about two hours), and trekking while taking in the panoramic view of the majestic mountains (about four hours) are just a few of the things to do. The Anmom no Taki area includes three separate waterfalls (26, 37 and 42 meters down), and each one is overwhelmingly beautiful. In winter, snow trekking and riding a snowmobile in the beech forest are fun activities.

Shirakami mountain range



青森県西津軽郡鰺ヶ沢町 白神山地



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