Nebuta, or Neputa, festivals are one of the most renowned festivals held in summer. The difference in the name is due to the difference of pronunciation in the local dialects. Large and small floats for the festivals are created in about 30 municipalities in Aomori Prefecture. The brightly colored nebuta, or neputa, stand out against the dark sky and the energetic festival music enhances the mood. Aomori Nebuta Festival, one of the three major festivals in Tohoku, is held in Aomori City on August 2-7. This dynamic festival consists of nebuta floats, music, and dancers called haneto. Hirosaki Neputa Festival is held in Hirosaki City on August 1-7. About 60 neputa floats including fan-shaped ones parade in the city. Goshogawara Neputa Festival is held in Goshogawara City on August 4-7, and is another energetic festival in which gigantic tachineputa floats are paraded to lively music and the beating of drums.
Hachinohe Sansha Festival is a gorgeous festival of floats that boasts about a 280-year history and tradition; 27 floats are paraded following a portable shrine. It takes place on June 31-August 4. Hachinohe Enburi is a festival to pray for an abundant harvest of the year and is held in Hachinohe City on February 17-20. Dancers wearing elaborate decorations and a horse head dance, swinging their heads.






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