Aomori Prefecture produces more than half of the total apple production in Japan. Apple picking can be done from September to November. Guaranteed to be delicious, Aomori apples make a good souvenir. Garlic called "White Roppen," white and of high quality, is also delicious.
"Towada Bara-yaki," a dish of onions and beef ribs cooked with sweet soy sauce soup, is worth trying, and the local sake is quite tasty.
Fresh seafood, such as scallops and squid, is also delicious. Oma maguro (tuna) is famous for being caught by pole-and-line fishing, and the plump tuna is superb. "Kaiyakimiso" is scallops and egg seasoned with miso in soup that is cooked in the shell of the scallop. "Jappajiru" is a stew with pieces of cod, daikon radish, and carrots. "Ichigoni" is a splendid dish using sea urchin and abalone.







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