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The merchants of Takayama once flourished as the economy boomed during the years around the mid-Edo period. This boosted the status of Takayama and it was once the largest town in the district. While merchants traded in specialty goods: lead, niter, rice, string and cotton used in clothing, they often ran money lending businesses as well. A method of business that distributed income to branches of the same family when times were good, it helped gain control of the best lands and establish stronger and stronger business credentials for the area.

This business acumen on the part of the Takayama citizens resulted in the 23 floats of the Takayama Festival, an annual event believed modeled after the Edo festivals of the time that gradually evolved into emulating the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto. Takayama residents boasted floats decorated with elaborate carvings and "karakuri," not unlike a "moving Yomeimon (gate)" (the famous and luxuriously designed gate at the shrine to Tokugawa Ieyasu in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture).

Citizens' Culture


2-18, Hanaoka machi, Takayama city, Gifu


岐阜県高山市 花岡町2丁目18番地




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