As the Saigawa River calmly flows around the base of Teramachi Hill, Japanese restaurants continue in business in the Nishi Chaya District, one of the three hanamachi in Kanazawa. Lattice windows, the sound of shamisen and the overall ambience recreate the atmosphere of days gone by in similar form to the 'Higashi' district.

The Kanazawa Nishi Chaya Museum stands at the site of the famed Chaya (geisha house) Yoshiyonero; the same Yoshiyonero in which author Shimada Seijiro spent his younger years. The current building duplicates the appearance of the one time geisha house and the works of Seijiro as well as tea ceremony utensils are displayed in the museum.

About 70 temples can be found in the Teramachi Jiingun District. The Myoryuji Temple, being particularly famous for the many 'stealth' contraptions in the temple is also called the "Ninja Temple." (NB: Prior reservation is necessary for those who would like to visit the interior of this temple).



15 min by bus from JR Kanazawa Sta.


Teramachi, Kanaza city, Ishikawa





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