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From Niigata Station, travel straight down the opposite avenue until reaching the Bandai Bridge over the Shinanogawa River. The bridge is one of the symbols of Niigata - a town sometimes called a water city. The 6 arches supporting its expanse are a splendid site to behold and seem to calm with their majestic scenery. The city's newer neighborhoods are contained in the distance from the station down to the bridge whilst the district starting on the opposite riverbank is the older part of town. A quick trip up the 100 meter high Bandai City Rainbow Tower to look at the surrounding scenery demonstrates just why Niigata is called a water city.

Water city


Nishibori 6 bankan bldg 4F, 6-894-1, Nishiborimae dori, Chuo ku, Niigata city, Niigata


新潟県新潟市中央区西堀前通6番町894-1 西堀6番館ビル4F



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