SpotIzu no Odoriko "The Dancing Girl of Izu"

"Have you ever seen the movie titled ""The Dancing Girl of Izu""? Filmed several times, and with one version including Momoe Yamaguchi and Tomokazu Miura, the story is based on a tale penned by Japan's first Nobel Prize winner for literature - novelist Yasunari Kawabata - initially published in 1926. The novel centers on the first love of twenty-year-old ""I"" (most likely autobiographical in nature therefore implying the author himself), a student of higher school under the old Japanese system of education, and a 14-year-old dancing girl he encounters when traveling to Mount Amagi in Izu. Over the years, the story, the books and the movies have attracted numerous people to Izu and the title remains one of the most famous in Japanese literary circles.
Odoriko-hodo is the road down which ""I"" and the dancing girl are said to have walked. Starting at Joren-no-taki waterfall on Mount Amagi, it passes through the Amagi-tunnel before reaching Yugano via Kawazu-Nanadaru (Seven Waterfalls) - a distance of 21km. To walk the route takes around 6.5 hours."

Izu no Odoriko "The Dancing Girl of Izu"

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