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"Fresh seafood is one of the charms of Izu as the peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean. The area is truly blessed with an abundance of seafood such as beautiful alfonsinos, fresh abalone, squid, lobster, Pacific Ocean perch, turban shell and Japanese horse mackerel. Given the opportunity, why not visit a morning market to see the seafood start on its journey to your plate.

Fresh sashimi is often considered the best possible meal in Japan but himono (dried fish) is just as delicious only rather less famous. Fish caught in the early morning hours are quickly dried - a process taking about 3 hours - and are still served at venerable old ryokan as breakfast. When grilled, himono is full of flavor and smells gorgeous - the perfect match for sake"

Amagi Yugashima


Yugashima, Izu city, Shizuoka





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